Where to find Lucky Mulligan!

Lucky Mulligan, musician, comedian. hat enthusiast…
Lucky can usually be found performing in Epic Immersive‘s shows in San Francisco, on the weekends.
He has several cafes where you might catch him on weekday mornings in Alameda, including Mosley’s and the Local.
He also operates a comedy troupe of time-traveling monster hunters: the Aether Brigade.

The Ukulele

Lucky Mulligan plays a Kala¬†concert ukulele with a cedar top, acacia sides, and a mahogany neck, with inset pegs, and a very warm tone… and is definitely not being paid by Kala (based in Petaluma, CA) to advertise their extremely high quality ukuleles (but has availability as a brand ambassador).

Lucky has bad knees, so, no, he doesn’t haul around or play larger instruments, like six-string guitars, you ableist swine! (No, but, he does love you. He’s just bitter about instrument snobs and people with better knees judging ukuleles. He promises his ukulele is of a higher quality than most you’ve heard.)