With a vintage musical sense and a spiffy wardrobe, Lucky treats audiences to easy listening.

Vintage music with a fresh attitude: Lucky’s eclectic repertoire is very fun! Jazz from the twenties to fifties, rock’n’roll from the sixties and seventies, the occasional TV theme, and odd songs from many eras. Light-hearted, and witty for a nitwit, Lucky is sure to keep the feeling in the room nostalgic and amused. It’s difficult not to smile with Lucky playing your room. 

Lucky Mulligan has a collection of outfits from every era; he’ll fit to your theme. 


Lucky in Gold Country

Lucky has relocated to Grass Valley, CA, to be nearer to aging family and pursuing a blossoming love. He has been appearing more and more frequently at the impressive cafe and taproom scene in Nevada County, California.

Where to find Lucky Mulligan!

Lucky Mulligan, musician, comedian. hat enthusiast…
Lucky can usually be found performing in cafes or taprooms in Grass valley or Nevada City, CA
He has several cafes where you might catch him such as Heartwood, Foxhound, Brew Bakers, and Fable.
He also operates a comedy troupe of time-traveling monster hunters: the Aether Brigade.

The Music

Lucky studied the vocal arts for seven years, and has a golden voice. Don Baggett, Sr. was a great mentor to him. One day he was inspired to pick up a stringed instrument to accompany himself, and never looked back! He practices every day with great dedication.

Lucky Mulligan plays a Kala cedar topped, acacia paneled, mahogany necked, concert ukulele with inset pegs, and a very warm tone… and is definitely not being paid by Kala (based in Petaluma, CA) to advertise their extremely high quality ukuleles (but has availability as a brand ambassador).

Lucky has bad knees, due to an old accident and following illness and other complications, so he does not haul around or play larger instruments, like six string guitars.